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Checked Baggage

Comprehensive explosives and threat detection

High-Speed Checked Baggage

Threat detection for heavily traveled airports

The world’s highest capacity Explosive Detection System is powered by Analogic’s cutting edge CT based technology. Our scanners are designed to expertly handle the checked-baggage needs of the largest and busiest airports around the world.

High Speed EDS

Volume and accuracy at the highest levels, next-generation EDS designed for ultra-high-speed applications in large, heavy traffic airports.
  • Throughput of up to 1,800 bags per hour
  • 0.5M/sec conveyor speed
  • 107 x 81 cm tunnel size
  • 100 x 80 cm max bag size
  • TSA certified EDS and EU Standard 3 Approved

Leading Manufacturer

1 Billion

of baggage scanned through Analogic EDS