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Precision Power RF

Leading Supplier of RF Power Amplifiers

Radio Frequency (RF) Amplifiers

The heart of the system

Analogic designs, develops and manufactures world-class RF power amplifiers for all configurations of MRI systems. We have a wide range of narrow band amplifiers from 5 MHz to 320 MHz off the shelf or custom design.

With the Altair1213, Analogic entered the semiconductor RF plasma market by providing an amplifier with patent pending multiple pulsing capabilities, sub-millisecond frequency tuning, including while pulsing and internal or external power and voltage regulation.

Analogic is dedicated to continual innovation, bringing the latest in research and experience to the world of power amplifier design.


Offering the lowest cost of ownership and highest customer satisfaction
Advanced diagnostics
Cost Effective

Most cost effective configuration, saving
money and time


All wide range of amplifiers provide...

Model FamilyChannelsFrequencyPeak Power
AN81372123/128 MHz18 kW per Channel
AN8150142 to 64 MHz10 to 20 kW
AN8120164 MHz16/20 kW
AN811115 to 30 MHz6 kW
Altair1213113.56 MHz1,250W Peak (CW)