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Computed Tomography

Pioneer of CT imaging technology

Integrated Gantry Systems

Ideal gantry solution

Our fully integrated CT gantry solutions facilitate a smoother and faster time to market for our OEM customers. We combine our Data Measurement Systems and PowerLink with the components and subsystems of our customers, maximizing the strength of our OEM partnership.


Low cost, highly reliable
CT power and data transfer

Analogic's revolutionary PowerLink™ system transfers power and data from the stationary gantry to the rotating disc without brush contacts. PowerLink™ eliminates limitations of today's rotating gantry systems and leads to longer overall system life.

Built around Analogic’s patented PowerLink™
non-contact power and data transfer, our CT scanners employ a simple, modular design resulting in remarkably fewer Field Replaceable Units (FRUs) than competitive systems. Fewer FRUs result in fewer points-of-failure and improve service repair times. PowerLink™
also completely eliminates carbon brushes found in conventional slip ring designs that contribute to electronic failures and excessive maintenance. In combination with our modular design, PowerLink™
can significantly reduce annual service costs.


Reduce Time

Our integration capabilities accelerate time-to-market


Ideal solution for hybrid imaging applications


Solutions tailored to your application

Cost Effective

Designed to optimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Integrated Granty

Ideal for standalone and multi-modality applications our gantry options include:
  • Rotating gantry assembly with rotor, bearing assembly and drive
  • Data Measurement Systems (DMS)
  • PowerLink non-contact power and data transfer
  • Scan control hardware