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Our Locations

United States

Global Headquarters
Analogic Corporation

8 Centennial Drive
Peabody, MA 01960

Tel: +1-978-326-4000

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Analogic Canada X-Ray Detectors

4950 Levy Street
Saint-Laurent, Quebec
Canada, H4R 2P1

Tel: +1-514-858-6920
Fax: +1-514-856-6925

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Analogic Medical
Equipment Co., Ltd.

1377, Lan Dian Road,
Pu Dong New District
Shanghai, China 201318

Tel: +86 21 20890333
Fax: +86 21 20890490

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United States

Copley Motion

20 Dan Road
Canton, MA 02021

Tel: +1-781-828-8090
Fax: +1-781-828-6547

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Technical Support Inquiries

Medical CT

Tel: +1-800-237-2200 (USA only)

Security CT

Tel: +1-800-557-4007 (USA only)

Tel: +1-978-326-4877 (International)

Tel: +44 20 3318 0221


Security CT and Medical Imaging Subsystems

Tel: +1-978-326-4000 (USA only)

Tel: +1-978-326-4000 (International)

Fax: +1 978-532-8913


Precision Power MRI

Tel: +1-800-237-2200 (USA only)

Tel: +1-978-326-4617 (International)

Copley Motion Controls

Tel: +1 781-828-8090

X-Ray Detectors

Tel: +1-514-856-6920

Fax: +1-514-856-6925