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Innovation for Life

Save costs, save time, save lives

50 years of Innovation

We develop and deliver enabling technologies used in computed tomography (CT), digital mammography (DM), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

We also develop state-of-the-art threat detection systems for airport checked-baggage screening and checkpoint screening as well as motion controls.

We are…

Imaging & Detection

Imaging for life

We design and manufacture high-performance imaging systems and subsystems for medical and aviation security markets.

Industry leading designer & manufacturer

In medical imaging we’re a leader of CT systems, MRI power systems and mammography detectors sold to OEMs around the world

Unmatched engineering expertise
From materials science to detector technology to image processing, our expertise spans the full technology value chain
Advanced threat detection technology
Our security business designs and manufactures airport checked baggage and checkpoint screening systems using advanced CT technology

Power Technologies

Precision for what matters

For more than 35 years we've been developing advanced electronics and electronic systems for a variety of industrial applications. Our Copley Controls branded servo and stepper drives lead the market in a wide range of industries.

Maximized motor performance
Advanced tuning and commutation algorithms maximize performance, offering unparalleled efficiency
Customizable and reliable
Tailored designs to precisely fit the desired motion applications
High precision motion controls
Robust motion controls provide accuracy from high-speed applications to delicate actions

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