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Checked Baggage

Your Future. Our Advanced Threat Detection.

Intelligent checked baggage security

We offer advanced technology for checked baggage screening in our portfolio of explosives detection systems. We provide high resolution, 3D images of passenger bags and parcels to rapidly identify prohibited and dangerous items in real time.

Improve international and domestic air travel

Airport security and checked baggage inspection require a delicate balance between vigilance and speed. Analogic’s CT based Explosive Detection Systems (EDS) are key components of managing baggage security requirements, allowing airports and security operators to process checked baggage efficiently while meeting security requirements.

Analogic supplies the world’s leading checked baggage OEMs with complete EDS systems and CT subsystems. We have manufactured over 2,000 CT based EDS systems over the last two decades. Analogic is proud to be the leader in meeting the latest TSA and ECAC regulatory requirements as well as having achieved TSA’s Qualified Product List (QPL).


Full 3D
High resolution, 3-D color images provided in real time
High Accuracy
Highest level of accuracy and lowest false alarm rates in the industry
360 View
360 degree rotational views of entire bags and threat objects
99% Availability
Operational availability exceeds 99%

Leading Manufacturer


U.S. installed checkpoint CT

1 Billion

bags scanned


deployed CTs worldwide


countries supplied


of baggage scanned through Analogic EDS