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Computed Tomography

Pioneer of CT imaging technology


The brains of the CT system

Capturing and storing data is the foundation for a healthcare institution's digital transformation. Our detectors are at the core of any CT system, converting X-ray energy to digital signals for image reconstruction.

Our DMS subsystems have virtually eliminated the need for expensive, invasive procedures and hospitalization. Patients enjoy state of the art decision making and diagnostic tools while institutions receive real-time data access and an increase in the types of data CT can capture.

Analogic CT scanners leverage decades of detector technology expertise to deliver world-class image resolution at the lowest radiation doses. The unique tileable detector design enables scalability while providing lower electronic noise and improved dynamic range compared to previous generations – aspects that optimize image quality at low radiation levels.


Reduce Time

Our integration capabilities accelerate time-to-market


Ideal solution for hybrid imaging applications


Solutions tailored to your application

Cost Effective

Designed to optimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


Combining our data collection electronics with innovative, wide-area detectors in a tileable architecture, OEM customers receive a higher level of system integration.
  • Scalable tile detectors from 16-slice to 512-slice
  • Back illuminated Photodiodes
  • Gadolinium Oxysulfide scintillator
  • Custom and Off-the-shelf low noise electronics