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About Us

Our Mission

Analogic Creates Innovative Technology that Improves the Practice of Medicine and Saves Lives.

For over 50 years Analogic has created markets by anticipating and solving some of the world’s most complex medical and engineering challenges. Today, our specific areas of expertise include developing enabling technologies used in computed tomography (CT), digital mammography (DM), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). We also develop state-of-the-art threat detection systems for airport checked-baggage screening and checkpoint screening as well as motion controls.

Worldwide Installation of Our Medical and Security Imaging Products

Many of the largest, best-known medical imaging companies incorporate our high-performance imaging subsystems into their products. These products are used in most major healthcare facilities around the world to detect and treat disease.

Our state-of-the-art airport security imaging systems are installed in airports around the world, helping to make air travel safer. With high levels of detection, our systems accelerate baggage and passenger throughput, reduce costs for airports and airlines, and minimize passenger inconvenience.

Fifty Years of Engineering Innovation

Founded in 1967 by Bernard Gordon, Analogic is known for solving the most difficult engineering problems through innovation. Many of our customers have been with us, relying on our expertise, for decades.

We provide extensive design, development, manufacturing, and test capabilities, and offer a unique combination of clinical knowledge and product design experience. We support our customers during development and throughout the product life cycle, enabling them to bring their products to market faster and support their own customers in the field.

Unrivaled Production and Test Facilities

One of the advantages we have over our competition is that much of our design, development, global supply chain management, and production processes is accomplished under one roof, in more than 500,000 square feet in our headquarters facility in Peabody, Massachusetts. In addition, we have a 92,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China.