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Analogic Corporation

Unmatched engineering and manufacturing expertise

Who we are

For decades our customers have manufactured products that have advanced the practice of medicine and saved lives. They repeatedly turn to Analogic to foresee market trends before the rest of the industry does, which is why our products are used extensively around the world in medical imaging and airport security.

Our mission

We partner with OEM and direct end-use customers to supply world-class, technically advanced and cost-effective products and software, enabling efficient process flow for healthcare, security and other high-end industrial markets.
Critical Success Factors

Our Vision

To be the go-to company for unsurpassed imaging & detection and power & automation solutions that save costs, save time and save lives

Our Edge

Our customers have relied on our engineering expertise for over 50 years in the areas of materials science, signal and image processing, detector technology, systems engineering, and clinical procedure expertise

Unrivaled Production and Test Facilities

Much of our design, development, global supply chain management, and production processes are accomplished under one roof, in more than 500,000 square feet in our headquarters facility in Peabody, Massachusetts. In addition, we have a 92,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China.

Global Presence

Our high-performance medical and airport security imaging systems have been installed in most major healthcare facilities and airports around the world, helping to detect and treat disease and make air travel safer
Montreal, Canada
Design and manufacturing for X-Ray Detectors
Canton, Massachusetts
Design for Power Technologies
Peabody, Massachusetts
Design and manufacturing for Medical Imaging and Security and Detection
Shanghai, China
Design and manufacturing for Medical Imaging and Power Technologies

Market Sectors

We support customers from markets across multiple industries, assuring safety and security of people and assets.
We are a leading designer and manufacturer of computed tomography (CT) systems and subsystems; magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) power systems; and selenium-based direct digital 2D and 3D mammography detectors sold to OEMs around the world. Our subsystems are used in half of all the CT and MRI scanners installed worldwide.

Our systems are sold through our OEM customers and Transportation Security Administration for installation in U.S. airports, as well as to international airport authorities for installation outside of the U.S.

Industrial Automation
We design and manufacture high precision solutions motion control, and power amplifiers used in various industrial, such as factory automation, autonomous guide vehicles (AVG), semiconductor manufacturing, and defense.