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Imaging & Detection

An industry leader in medical imaging and advanced threat detection - providing innovative and cost effective solutions across the globe

Medical Imaging

Innovation has arrived
With over 50 years of innovation, Analogic helps customers deliver clinical value throughout a wide range of imaging modalities.
Computed Tomography
Full spectrum of modern solutions with components used in over 60,000 CT scanners around the world, we've been at the forefront of developments in CT equipment technology
Precision Power
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Our precision radio frequency (RF) and gradient amplifiers are used in MRI and other medical applications.
X-Ray Detectors
Digital Mammography
As an established worldwide leader, we develop and manufacture flat-panel direct conversion digital detectors used by major medical OEMs


Faster throughput, better security
Analogic is a leading provider of advanced aviation security solutions to the US TSA, and to airports and airlines worldwide. Our aviation security screening solutions provide the highest level of threat detection available, leveraging our 50 years of CT innovation, combining Computed Tomography (CT) imaging with advanced Explosives Detection System (EDS) threat detection software. Analogic takes a consultative and holistic approach that maximizes security, passenger experience, and operational effectiveness.
Advanced threat detection designed to optimize passenger throughput
ConneCT is the flexible, future-proof checkpoint screening solution airports need, handling growing passenger volumes while responding to new and emerging security threats.
The configurable solution that optimizes your checkpoint
Designed for airports that process high volumes of passengers, eXpress is an automated bag handling solution that efficiently and reliably processes carry-on items and automatically return trays to the divest position.
Improve international and domestic air travel for your customers
SeleCT is an advanced EDS engineered to deliver superior threat detection and low total cost of ownership. It features a wide-bore CT design that supports selectable speeds up to 1800 BPH, and selectable threat detection algorithms.