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Computed Tomography and CT Scanner

Computed Tomography and CT Scanners


When conventional x-ray images aren’t enough, a diagnosis for soft tissue conditions requires appropriate technology, such as a CT scan. Whether cross-sectional images from different angles are necessary or detailed images of internal organs, CT exams are a vital part of a healthcare or imaging facility.


Analogic has always been at the forefront of this technology, seeking to reduce overall ionizing radiation and zero in on the part of the body that needs imaging with less stress to the patient. Here’s why Analogic’s innovations are the right choice for your radiology needs.


Computed Tomography Equipment Technology for OEMs


Analogic has been at the forefront of developments in computed tomography equipment technology from the introduction of the first single-slice CT system in 1975 to today’s multi-slice volumetric CT scanners — able to image the entire heart between beats in a single rotation by imaging thin slices. Today, our subsystems are used in approximately half of the world’s CT scanners installed in major medical facilities around the world.


Analogic is committed to producing equipment that addresses some of the most common challenges in CT scanning today. From improving image quality, highlighting blood vessel structures, more quickly identifying abnormalities, and building power and resource-efficient CT machines, Analogic is always looking ahead.


Our CT Machine Technology Portfolio


There are many components of computerized tomography. Analogic’s technology includes the full spectrum of modern solutions for healthcare facilities, no matter what type of exam is required.


Integrated CAT Scan Systems – A more highly integrated system is the ideal solution for customized standalone slice CT scanners and multi-modality applications.


  • Our value-added integration capabilities provide our customers with a significantly reduced time to market.
  • The scope of work is driven by specific customer requirements.


PowerLink™ – Scalable, next-generation, non-contact power, control, and data transfer architecture — it’s the next step from your x-ray detectors. Our technology provides practical advantages that include:


  • Improved reliability – spend less time troubleshooting and more time in diagnostics
  • Reduced maintenance – resources are limited, and healthcarefacilities run on a thin margin; improve your customers’ bottom line.
  • Significantgantry space savings – flexibility in placement and location without sacrificing patient comfort.
  • Offers radiation dosereduction, including low-dose options, helping reduce allergic reactions and improving efficiency.
  • Provides dose modulation for cardiac applications like diagnostics of coronary artery disease
  • Includes kV modulation for dual-energy enhanced medical imagingapplications and to reduce the amount of radiation


Data Management Systems – Advanced detectors + DASs (data acquisition systems)


  • The brains of the CT system — the DMS converts X-rayenergy to digital signals for 3D image
  • 16- and 64-slice DMSs provide our OEM customers with a higher level of system integration, reducing their costs and time to market.
  • We also develop CT subsystems for innovative multi-modality applications to provide detailed information, including radiotherapy and nuclear imaging.


The Future of CAT Scan Machines


Critical diagnostics require technology like CT imaging in addition to traditional x-ray exams. Radiologists rely on continual innovation in medical imaging and CT procedures to help save lives, diagnosing many different conditions, including internal injuries and performing routine diagnostics. From reducing risks to patients from radiation exposure or contrast material side effects, even searching for new solutions for at-risk patients such as pregnant women, Analogic continues to search for the next solution.


CT Images from CT scan machines could transform our understanding of medical conditions like heart disease, direct better cancer treatments, or find blood clots before they become fatal. Analogic’s commitment to transforming the imaging procedure is a direct connection to the overall mission of changing lives for the better. Our technology is helping pave the way for new avenues of biomedical imaging.


Find out how our computed tomography technology system and CT scanners can solve your customer’s frustrations and provide innovative solutions to healthcare challenges.