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eXaminer SX

eXaminer SX

Compact, Low-Cost Explosive Detection Equipment with Unsurpassed Threat Detection

Many travelers begin their journeys at large airports in major cities. These airports use cutting-edge CT-based Explosives Detection Systems (EDSs) like the eXaminer®* 3DX, built with Analogic technology, to screen checked baggage for explosives and other threats.

That same technology is now available in the eXaminer SX, a low-cost, compact Explosives Detection System designed especially for small and mid-sized airports. TSA EDS certified, the eXaminer SX provides the most comprehensive explosives and threat detection currently available. The eXaminer SX includes:

  • Analogic’s proprietary 3-D Continuous-Flow CT technology
  • High-resolution 3-D color images, provided in real time
  • The highest level of accuracy and lowest false-alarm rates currently available in the industry
  • 360-degree rotational views of entire bags and threat objects
  • Analysis tools that enable on-screen resolution of suspect bags

Key Features of the eXaminer SX

  • Well suited for airport lobbies and baggage make-up areas
  • Available in four configurations
  • Easy to maintain and highly reliable for minimal downtime
  • Able to scan up to 360 bags per hour in-line and up to 300 bags per hour in standalone mode
  • TSA certified as EDS, and STAC approved for checked baggage

Easy Installation and Integration with Current Baggage Handling Systems

With flexible networking options, the eXaminer SX can be linked with other eXaminer Family systems (eXaminer 3DX, eXaminer 3DX-ES, and eXaminer XLB) over a secure network, resulting in one of the lowest total costs of ownership in the industry.

*eXaminer is a registered trademark of L3Harris Technologies. The eXaminer Family of products is marketed and serviced exclusively by L3Harris.