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eXaminer 3DX-ES

eXaminer 3DX-ES

Proven Explosives Detection with Enhanced Speed

The certified eXaminer®* 3DX-ES Explosives Detection System (EDS) brings enhanced speed and higher throughput to the time-tested eXaminer 3DX checked-baggage inspection system.

The eXaminer 3DX-ES EDS airport security system provides the most comprehensive threat and explosive detection equipment available and includes:

  • Analogic’s proprietary 3-D Continuous-Flow CT technology
  • High-resolution, 3-D color images, provided in real time
  • The highest level of accuracy and lowest false-alarm rates currently available in the industry
  • 360-degree rotational views of entire bags and threat objects

Key Features

  • Enhanced eXaminer 3DX-ES scans up to 730 bags per hour in-line and up to 440 bags in standalone configurations
  • eXaminer 3DX scans up to 550 bags per hour in-line and up to 330 bags in standalone configurations
  • Field enhancement kits available for installed 3DX systems
  • Operational availability exceeds 99%
  • TSA certified EDSs

Easy Installation and Integration with Current Baggage Handling Systems

With flexible networking options, the 3DX-ES can be linked with other eXaminer Family systems (eXaminer SX, eXaminer 3DX, and eXaminer XLB) over a secure network, resulting in one of the lowest total costs of ownership in the industry.

*eXaminer is a registered trademark of L3Harris Technologies. The eXaminer Family of products is marketed and serviced exclusively by L3Harris.