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Checked Baggage

Checked Baggage Screening + Luggage Scanner

Improve international and domestic air travel for your customers — Airport security and checked baggage inspection require a delicate balance between vigilance and streamlined checkin. X-ray machines are key components of managing travel screenings, allowing TSA to move passengers quickly through checkpoints without sacrificing accuracy.


A traditional checked baggage screening and X-ray process isn’t enough to meet this need. Enhanced safety options offered by Analogic’s high speed EDS technology allow airports and TSA to:


  • manage threats
  • perform efficient luggage scanner and carryon checks
  • aid physical inspections

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— all while keeping travelers moving and free of frustration. They have a flight to catch, but airports have checked baggage to move and unknown items to inspect.


Analogic is the worlds leading OEM supplier of advanced aviation explosive detection equipment for checked baggage applications. Our tech helps administration apply complete security through knowledgable sales teams, the expertise of installations, plus input from our service partner, L3Harris.


We offer a comprehensive checked baggage screening technology with our family of tools — The eXaminer®* Family of Explosives Detection Systems. Each provides high resolution, 3D images of the entire bag or parcel to find risky items in real time — no wait and no confusion.


When you invest in Analogic innovation, you get results. Our eXaminer® family offers four levels of customization to fit a variety of airport luggage check needs. We help make air travel more efficient behind the scenes so that customers experience minimal wait.

eXaminer SX

Accessible checked baggage security: Compact, low cost results for small and medium-sized airports

  • Checks up to 360 bags per hour using in-line configurations and up to 300 in standalone configurations
  • Supports four configurations: standalone, plus partial and full in-line, and full with network integration
  • TSA certified EDS, and STAC approved for EU Commission Regulation Standard 3


eXaminer 3DX


Efficiency and accuracy: Process trusted by major airports in 26 countries with nearly 1000 installations

  • all of the above certifications, plus…
  • Scans up to 550 bags per hour in in-line configurations
  • Supports any-to-any networking


Upgraded eXaminer 3DX

Greater throughput: Bringing the same trusted security with enhanced speed and higher volume

  • all of the above certifications, plus…
  • field enhancement kit for 3DX
  • Scans up to 730 bags per hour in-line and up to 440 bags in standalone configurations

eXaminer XLB

Volume and accuracy at the highest levels: Next-generation EDS designed for ultra-high-speed applications in large, heavy-traffic airports.

  • all of the above certifications, plus…
  • Scans up to 1,200 bags per hour in continuous-flow mode
  • Features innovative PowerLink™ brushless power and data transmission
  • Enhances images with dual-energy system


Consider Analogic’s comprehensive baggage check technology to keep your customers happy and give administration every chance to find and mitigate threats. Our travel tech features apply best practices for travel screening, checked baggage, explosive detection, plus other items necessary for transportation screening and security.


We provide the tools airports need to make travel safer while ensuring traveler arrive ready for inspection needs. Whether passengers have one bag or many, our screening tech ensures transportation happens as free of threat as possible. Luggage is a wild-card — Analogic screening and security meet the challenge.

* eXaminer is a registered trademark of L3Harris Technologies. The eXaminer Family of products is marketed and serviced exclusively by L3Harris, and complies with 21 CFR Subchapter J Regulations.