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Advanced Rotational CT

Advanced Rotational CT

The Clear Advantage of 3D Checkpoint CT

The status quo for checkpoint security means long lines, separating out liquids, and digging your laptop out of your bag. Luckily, our airports aren’t stuck with the status quo. Unlike the outdated 2D X-ray technology used in most of our airports today, 3D CT technology allows passengers to leave liquids and laptops in their bags and keep the lines moving – throw and go. With the combination of auto detection and high resolution 360 degree imaging, 3D CT technology is already beginning to make this checkpoint of the future a reality.


CT Technology is the gold standard for medical imaging, globally developed for hold baggage and is certified for checkpoint.


CT checkpoint technology moves passengers through the checkpoint two times faster by allowing laptops and liquids to remain in carry-on baggage.


CT checkpoint technology reduces the potential for human error in the screening process through precise, automated detection.