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RF Power Amplifiers

RF Power Amplifiers


RF power amplifiers are the heart of the MRI system but have the potential to affect results through signal to noise figures and other radio frequency interference. Analogic provides power supplies designed to reduce this interference while providing stable power amplification for healthcare facilities that rely on the accuracy of imaging for quick diagnosis and reliable patient care.


Power Purity for Image Quality


Analogic designs, develops, and manufactures world-class RF power amplifiers for all configurations of MRI systems. Low noise amplifiers are critical to the accuracy of MRI systems, and Analogic achieves this with two power amplifier designs.


Our narrowband amplifiers supply proton-based anatomical imaging and wideband amplifiers for multi-nuclear functional imaging. The purity of the amplification is essential to high-quality MRI imaging and requires outstanding phase/gain linearity, impedance matching, and stability. Our RF amplifiers for proton imaging operate up to 3T frequencies at peak-power levels up to 40kW with robust features to support:


  • Peak and average protective power monitoring
  • Independent couplers for SAR monitoring of forward and reflected power with accuracies of 0.2 dB
  • Clear and customized interface for control and diagnostics


It’s not enough to boost the signal. Higher power amplifiers can produce catastrophic interference for MRI machines, leading to poor imaging and diagnostic results. Analogic continually revolutionizes high power amplifiers for greater accuracy with reliable rf signals.


Advanced Multi-Channel Designs


Our latest developments in 3T multi-transmit are in use at leading research sites worldwide, supporting cutting edge advancements in MRI imaging techniques. This natural extension of parallel receiver imaging continues to amplify the imaging abilities of today’s MRI systems.


Analogic has the capability for wideband applications of frequency ranges from 8 MHz to 300 MHz, allowing for a wide array of imaging options. These amplifiers provide the outstanding performance essential for high-quality MRI imaging at power levels up to 8 kW.


Why Choose Analogic for RF Amplifiers?


Analogic is dedicated to continual innovation, bringing the latest in research and experience to the world of power amplifier design. Our RF amplifiers provide LNA solutions designed to enhance MRI scans and provide healthcare facilities with:


  • Exceptional output power and value
  • Multiple transmit (Tx) options for advanced imaging techniques and applications
  • Customizable amplifier choices to meet specific needs in form, fit, and performance
  • An industry leader in reliability, offering the lowest total cost of ownership and highest customer satisfaction


When facilities need datasheets free of noise and obtrusions, reliable supply voltage, and performance lead by front end signals, Analogic is ready with continual innovation and decades of experience.