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Model 21x

Our 2100V amplifier is DSP based, providing a range of input signal processing and sophisticated internal and external monitoring for precision setup and control. It includes complete system-wide management of thermal parameters and the latest high-speed power device technology, critical to reliable performance.

Communication with the amplifier is available through a real-time ADCI controller to enable users to quickly analyze operational and fault status.

Each amplifier may be configured in multiple modes for specific load or test conditions via digital programming. All units may be configured with matching power supplies for reliable power delivery. Additional capacitance is available for higher, short-duration power demand.

Model 21x
Max Voltage~ 2100V
RMS Current 360 Amps
Peak Pulse Current 900 Amps
Operation Mode Current
Input Differential
Load Floating
Adjustment Programming via software
Features External Synchronization Fault Protection
Monitor Voltage/Current
Cooling Water Cooled

~ Load Dependent