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Gradient Power Amplifiers

Gradient Power Amplifiers

Solid-State, Water-Cooled Amplifier Designs for All MRI Applications

Analogic MRI power solutions include high-power gradient amplifiers (GA). Today, our high-precision power systems are employed in MRI systems worldwide.

Our gradient amplifier technology solves demanding system needs that require precision current control with the highest levels of stability and repeatability. This technology can also support other applications that require the use of magnetic power coils, including:

  • Nuclear magnetic resonance
  • Particle analysis in accelerators
  • Semiconductor processing
  • Dynamic scanning
  • Material analysis

Wide Range of Performance

Our high-power gradient amplifiers operate up to peak power of 1.8MVA with output voltages up to 2100V. Our newest products have doubled previously available power levels, allowing for advancement in ultra-high-field and wide bore applications. Highest voltage compliance, precise control and repeatability, and outstanding noise performance allow our customers to meet the latest challenges in today’s most advanced MRI applications.

Gradient Power Amplifiers
Voltage Max (V) ~ Model Output Current
700V 781 360 850
1400V 14x 270 675
2100V 21x 360 900

~ Load Dependent

Why Choose Analogic for Gradient Amplifiers?

  • Exceptional performance and value
  • Deliver highest power gradient amplifiers on the market
  • Customizable to meet specific needs in form, fit, and performance.
  • Industry leader in reliability, offering the lowest total cost of ownership and highest customer satisfaction