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Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Outstanding Performance Essential for High-Quality MRI

For over 30 years, Analogic has been the leading OEM supplier of radio frequency (RF) and gradient power amplifiers. Our precision RF and gradient amplifiers power over half the magnetic resonance imaging systems worldwide.

Analogic MRI power solutions provide outstanding performance essential to high-quality MRI imaging. Our RF and gradient amplifiers provide benefits at every level, improving patient experience, advancing diagnostics for the clinicians, and improving total cost of ownership for the hospital and the OEM. We have system solutions for a wide range of MRI systems from lower power permanent magnet systems all the way up to 7T multi-channel transmit systems used in research.

Why Choose Analogic for MRI Power Solutions?

  • Power: Analogic MRI power solutions provide our partners the ability to advance their imaging capabilities, improve diagnostics, and increase patient comfort
  • Reliability: Analogic’s market-leading reliability significantly drives down total cost of ownership for our partners
  • Flexibility: Whether it’s interfacing, form, or performance, Analogic amplifiers are highly adaptable to our customers’ needs

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