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Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Healthcare facilities seeking quality MRI machines for more efficient diagnostics and accurate imaging techniques can always find what they need with Analogic’s technology. From computed tomography to the MRI scan, healthcare facilities and radiologists can take advantage of a variety of solutions through Analogic’s OEM solutions.


The History of the MRI

Radiology depends on this advanced imaging technique to diagnose internal conditions of the brain and body without the use of X-rays or ionizing radiation. It’s highly versatile in hospital and medical settings, using radio waves and powerful magnets to create detailed images of even soft tissues within the human body by scanning for hydrogen atoms commonly found in water molecules and fat.


While a strong magnetic field makes an MRI scanning impossible for some patients with metal implants or embedded shrapnel, many facilities still prefer MRI over the radiation of CT scans. MRI exams require specialized power sources to be efficient diagnostic tools. This is where Analogic’s technology comes into play.


Outstanding Power Solutions for High-Quality MRI

For over 30 years, Analogic has been the leading OEM supplier of radio frequency (RF) and gradient power amplifiers. Our precision RF and gradient amplifiers power over half the magnetic resonance imaging systems worldwide.


Analogic MRI power solutions provide outstanding performance essential to high-quality MRI imaging. Our RF and gradient amplifiers provide benefits at every level:


  • improving patient experience
  • advancing diagnostics for radiologists and clinicians
  • improving the total cost of ownership for the hospital and the OEM.


We have system solutions for a wide range of MRI systems from lower power permanent magnet systems up to 7T multi-channel transmit systems used in research. Our solutions provide hospitals with the technology for the highest-quality MRI images available.


Analogic’s power solutions provide the power healthcare and imaging facilities need to run MRI scanners, functional MRI (fMRI), and other magnetic field imaging tools. In addition to expertise in x-rays and digital imaging, Analogic offers the services required to power and maintain critical MRI scanning.


Why Choose Analogic for MRI Power Solutions?

  • Power:Analogic MRI power solutions provide our partners with the ability to advance their imaging capabilities, improve diagnostics, and increase patient comfort, whether running open MRI systems or traditional
  • Reliability:Analogic’s market-leading reliability significantly drives down the total cost of ownership for our partners
  • Flexibility:Whether it’s interfacing, form, or performance, Analogic amplifiers are highly adaptable to our customers’ needs while maintaining purity of amplification required for highly detailed images.


Learn more about our gradient power and RF power solutions for the MRI machine and how these reliable power sources improve scan performance and facilitate radiological procedures. Our technology is changing healthcare and saving lives.