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Direct Conversion X-ray Detectors

Direct Conversion X-ray Detectors


Medical advances never stop. Quality medical imaging enables better patient outcomes, and Analogic is working to make those outcomes happen faster with fewer mistakes. Think it can’t be done? We’re pioneering the real-time imaging field, using our decades of experience with medical imaging and our innovative techniques for data analysis and computer vision to transform the x-ray image.


By changing the nature of the radiation detector and lowering x-ray exposure, patients experience safer diagnostics while ensuring top quality image sensors. It’s time to make flat-panel detectors safer for patients and with more accurate readouts.


Analogic’s Imaging Solution


Analogic offers high-resolution selenium-based (a-Se) direct X-ray detectors. We designed our x-ray image detectors specifically for full-field digital mammography (FFDM) for the best possible breast images currently available. These transfer x-ray photons directly to energy, eliminating traditional x-ray film for better readouts even with dense breast tissue.


These high-performance X-ray detectors are also suited for applications requiring high spatial resolution, such as bone imaging applications. Several of the world’s largest medical OEMs have integrated these detectors into their digital radiography systems. With no dark current, high signal to noise ratio, and high resolution with lower-dose radiation — Analogic is pioneering the fast, flexible imaging concept.


AXS-1824 Small Field of View


This smaller size detector is well suited for the emergent mammography market and has the following key features:


  • Field of view: 18 cm x 24 cm (8″ x10″)
  • Pixel pitch: 85 µm
  • Superior image quality with high sensitivity: high DQE, high MTF, high contrast
  • High dynamic range
  • High patient throughput


Expanding x-ray imaging to a variety of medical environments puts Analogic at the forefront of bringing high standards of medical imagers to those who need them most.


AXS-2430 and AXS-ScreenPlus Large Field of View


Our larger size detectors are designed to address global mammography markets.


  • The AXS-2430 — our premium large-field-of-view detector, offering state-of-the-art tomosynthesis performance.
  • The AXS-ScreenPlus — a cost-effective medical imaging choice for customers not requiring high-end tomosynthesis capability.


These large-area x-ray detection options offer a variety of features designed for flexible mammography/radiographic needs, including:


  • Field of view: 24 cm x 30 cm (10″ x12″)
  • Pixel pitch: 85 µm
  • Superior image quality: high DQE, high MTF, high contrast
  • High dynamic range
  • High patient throughput
  • Tomosynthesis capability (AXS-2430 only)


The entire AXS detector product family is designed to be operated with Pegasus™, our interface, and image preprocessing software.


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