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Detector Software

Detector Software

Analogic offers Pegasus™ software, an important accessory available with the AXS-2430, AXS-1824, and AXS-ScreenPlus X-ray detectors, that enables consistently good image quality.

Pegasus Software

Pegasus is the software library that provides the interface between the detectors and the customer’s host software. It features:

  • Detector controls: settings, service, and monitoring during operation
  • Image capture
  • Image corrections: gain, offset, defects, and other special corrections for digital mammography acquisitions
  • Optimized image corrections for tomosynthesis acquisitions
  • Detector calibration workflow
  • Multi-level log file

Pegasus runs under Windows7® as a COM server. The image processing section is based on Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel IPP) library, fully optimized for multi-core Intel processors insuring maximum performance.

Pegasus is designed to obtain optimal image correction and compatibility with the customer’s host software. Additionally, this software provides flexibility and facilitates system design for faster time to market.