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CT Image Reconstruction

Analogic has extensive experience with computed tomography (CT) image reconstruction hardware and software. Our hardware capabilities include multi-core CPU and next-generation GPU platforms. We’ve implemented numerous software algorithms for a variety of medical and security applications, including:

  • Calibration and correction
  • 2D and 3D reconstruction
  • Dual energy
  • Variable pitch helical reconstruction
  • Cardiac
  • Flying focal spot
  • Artifact reduction
  • Axial and helical scan modes
  • Software-based dose reduction methods

Our clinical knowledge, image-quality experience, and beamline integration capabilities have allowed us to meet the most demanding imaging requirements, such as manipulating large numbers of datasets that result from advanced CT scanning operations.

Continued advancements in high-speed computing and graphics, like those used in gaming applications, are now being applied to CT reconstruction to optimize performance and speed, driving down costs.