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Lowest Cost, Highest Reliability CT Power System

Analogic’s revolutionary PowerLink™ Non-Contact Power system transfers power from the stationary gantry to the rotating disc without brush contacts. A truly enabling technology, PowerLink eliminates limitations of today’s rotating gantry systems, such as component failures resulting from the brush slip-ring designs.

We’ve already incorporated PowerLink into our CT-based ultra-high-speed explosives detection system, the examiner® XLB, for airport checked-baggage applications in very large, heavily traveled airports. This technology will enable longer intervals between maintenance and eventually lead to longer overall system life.

PowerLink Meets the Demands of the Highest Performing CT Systems Enabling:

  • Higher rotational speeds (>300 RPM)
  • Accelerations greater than 80G
  • Smaller rotational footprint (50% reduction)
  • Faster dynamic response

Our Family of Non-contact Power Delivery Systems Provides:

  • Reduced downtime and maintenance costs
  • Extra space on the gantry for hybrid/multi-modality capabilities
  • Unparalleled advantages in reliability and power
  • Size and weight reduction

Our PowerLink Products Provide For:

  • High current at low voltages
  • Arc management
  • Fast kV rise times