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Integrated CT Gantry Component Systems

Integrated CT Gantry Systems

Analogic’s integrated CT gantry solutions facilitate a smoother and faster time to market for our OEM customers. Our capabilities as a computed tomography manufacturer enable us to define ideal integrated gantry solutions that combine our own subsystems with the components and subsystems that our customers may supply. This level of partnership, maximizing our strengths and our customers’, typically represents the most cost-effective configuration.

Our Gantry Options Include:

  • Rotating gantry assembly with:
    • Rotor
    • Bearing assembly
    • Drive
    • Covers
  • X-Ray tube
  • X-Ray collimator
  • Data management system (DMS)
  • PowerLink™ Non-Contact power transfer system
  • Scan control hardware
  • Image reconstruction hardware and software

Integrated gantries are ideal for multi-modality applications, SPECT/CT and PET/CT, where CT-provided anatomical information complements functional imaging information. Standalone CT applications also benefit from the level of customization in an integrated solution.

Our gantry solutions have also been used for radiation oncology where CT system components  and linac-based systems are combined for image guided radiation therapy (IGRT) applications.