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Data Management Systems

Data Management Systems

Integration of DAS and Detectors for a Higher Level of System Integration

Analogic developed the industry’s first true 64-slice data acquisition system (DAS) and the world’s widest coverage, multi-slice commercial DAS, capable of imaging the heart between beats in a single rotation of the CT gantry. These state-of-the-art subsystems have greatly expanded CT applications in cardiology and neurology, eliminating the need for expensive, invasive procedures and hospitalization.

Our data management systems (DMS) combine our data acquisition electronics with innovative, wide-area detectors in a tileable architecture. The DMSs that we develop for our OEM customers provide them with a higher level of system integration, reducing their costs and time to market.

We also develop DMSs for innovative systems in multi-modality applications including:

  • Radiation Therapy Equipment – We developed and supply the CT portion of healthcare’s most advanced radiotherapy system, which combines a CT system with a linear accelerator to better locate and treat cancer.
  • Nuclear Imaging Equipment – We developed and supply the CT portion of an innovative dual-modality (or hybrid) nuclear imaging system that places a CT beamline on the gantry of a single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) scanner. The dual-imaging capability combines the precise anatomical imaging of the CT with the functional imaging capabilities of the SPECT system in a “fused” image, enabling clinicians to precisely locate specific regions of interest on the combined scan.

The world’s leading CT system manufacturers depend on us for customized solutions for their most demanding X-ray detection, acquisition, and digitization needs.