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adobe pdf icon Analogic Ultrasound Announces Next Generation SonixHub Software at ACEP 2013

PEABODY, Mass., Oct. 14, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Analogic Corporation (Nasdaq:ALOG), enabling the world’s medical imaging and aviation security technology, is showcasing a new generation of the SonixHub™ software at the ACEP 2013 Conference being held in Seattle, Washington, October 14-16. Analogic’s Ultrasonix branded Emergency Medicine ultrasound systems are designed to help reduce the time, costs, and paperwork associated with running an emergency medicine practice.

SonixHub collects, stores, grades, and reports on the studies performed by emergency medicine physicians who are learning to perform ultrasound examinations on patients. The software is designed to meet the standards defined by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) for credentialing, quality assurance, and training.

“The first version of SonixHub was revolutionary in its design, structure, function, and integration with the ultrasound machine,” said Vivek Tayal, MD, emergency ultrasound leader. “SonixHub’s ability to provide administrative guidance anywhere in the world with an Internet connection was a game changer. I look forward to the second version with its new functions, scalability, and revised architecture to meet the image management needs of emergency ultrasound.”

Currently installed at emergency medicine facilities across the United States, SonixHub is designed to collect, store, and review ultrasound exams that are performed on any DICOM-compliant ultrasound system. When combined with the Ultrasonix SonixTouch® or SonixTablet™ ultrasound systems, the software platform provides an enhanced digital workflow, providing secure backup and eliminating the need for paper records and thermal prints of exam images. SonixHub organizes patient demographics, ultrasound exam images, video clips, and exam findings on a secure server.

“Our next generation SonixHub is built on an even more sophisticated software platform that enables new features to be easily added as an emergency medicine practice evolves,” said Lars Shaw, vice president of global marketing for Analogic Ultrasound. “With the implementation of the advanced version of our ground-breaking software, we believe physicians will realize significant improvement in digital workflow and efficiencies, while eliminating the need for paper, prints, and portable media devices.”

When using wired or wireless networks to transfer exam images from any DICOM-compliant ultrasound system, SonixHub supports HIPAA compliance by eliminating the need to use portable media such as USB sticks, CDs, and DVDs to transport patient data. Clinicians can, via secure permission-based access, review images from any terminal within a facility’s firewall.

SonixHub is a license-based software platform enabling features to be added when clinical needs change. SonixHub Basic, which is currently available as part of the SonixTouch Emergency Medicine Package at no charge, includes image management, QA, backup, and simple reporting.

Visit http://www.analogicultrasound.com/sonixhub to view a demonstration video of the SonixHub.

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