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adobe pdf icon Analogic Showcases Innovative Technology Delivering Breakthrough Reliability for the Lowest Cost of Ownership at RSNA 2013

PEABODY, Mass., Nov. 27, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Analogic Corporation (Nasdaq:ALOG), enabling the world’s medical imaging and aviation security technology, announced today it will showcase several new innovative products that deliver breakthrough reliability for the lowest cost of ownership at the 99th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiology Society of North America (RSNA), December 1-6, 2013. The products that will be featured include a new, wide-bore integrated CT gantry utilizing Analogic’s patented PowerLink Non-Contact Power Transfer system, along with new iterative
reconstruction software called LISA** (Low Dose Imaging Software By Analogic), which can generate high-quality images at up to 40 percent lower radiation dosage.

The company will also introduce the smallest 20kW RF Power amplifier, as well as the highest power gradient amplifier for wide-bore MRI systems. In addition, Analogic will highlight its newest Selenium-based detector, which has been revamped to deliver low-dose, high-quality imaging performance for OEM mammography systems. Finally, the company will introduce Quantum Plus Technology across its entire portfolio of ultrasound platforms, resulting in a new level of image quality, usability and reliability for the Ultrasonix* and BK line of ultrasound systems. This advanced technology offering follows Analogic’s acquisition of Ultrasonix in March 2013 and reflects the strong cooperation among the company’s ultrasound design centers in Denmark and Vancouver, and its engineering team in Boston.

“Analogic is dedicated to meeting the demands of the healthcare market, as we have focused our global expertise on technology innovation designed for breakthrough reliability to deliver the lowest cost of ownership,” said Jim Green, president and CEO of Analogic. “We design our products to provide worldwide medical OEMs significant benefits including substantially reduced operating expenses as a result of leveraging our advanced technologies, as well as reduced risk and working capital, enabling them to more efficiently commercialize their products.

“Our new product offerings not only enhance the availability of quality care in healthcare’s changing environment, they exemplify our steadfast commitment to premium diagnostic quality imaging and lowest cost of ownership for significant improvements in medicine,” continued Green.

Analogic’s revolutionary PowerLink technology on its integrated CT gantries transfers power from the stationary gantry to the rotating disc without slip rings and mechanical brush contacts. This technology was originally developed by Analogic to address a need in the aircraft baggage threat-detection market, where demand for reliability in CT systems is extremely high. CT systems are required to operate 24/7 in aviation security, which wears down conventional mechanical power transfer brushes. The company applied this breakthrough technology to medical CT systems, thereby eliminating a large reliability concern of today’s conventional rotating gantry systems. PowerLink provides improved reliability, reduced maintenance costs and significant gantry space savings, while enabling dose reduction.

Another example of reliability may be found in the company’s MRI power solutions. The RF and gradient power amplifiers provide the performance essential for high-quality MRI, with system solutions from 0.3T permanent magnet systems to 3.0T multi-channel systems. Analogic’s latest generation RF amplifiers have reliability benchmarked at 150,000 hours MTTF (Mean Time To Failure), which is up to an equivalent of 75 years of operation. The company’s precision amplifiers power over half the MRI systems worldwide.

To learn more about Analogic’s complete portfolio of products and to see live demonstrations, please visit booth #6134 at McCormick Place during RSNA 2013.

About Analogic

Analogic (Nasdaq:ALOG) provides leading-edge healthcare and security technology solutions to advance the practice of medicine and save lives. We are recognized around the world for advanced imaging systems and technology that enable computed tomography, ultrasound, digital mammography and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), as well as automated threat detection for aviation security. Our CT, MRI, digital mammography and ultrasound transducer products are sold to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), providing state-of-the-art capability and enabling them to
enter new markets and expand their existing market presence. Today, Analogic’s subsystems are used in approximately half of the world’s CT and MRI scanners. Our market-leading BK Medical and Ultrasonix branded ultrasound systems, used in procedure-driven markets such as urology, surgery and point-of-care, are sold to clinical end users through our direct sales force. For over 40 years we’ve enabled customers to thrive, improving the health and enhancing the safety of people around the world. Analogic is headquartered just north of Boston, Massachusetts. For more information, visit www.analogic.com.

* Quantum Plus Technology for Ultrasonix systems will be available for sale in Q2 2014.

** The LISA product has not yet been cleared for use in the USA by the FDA.

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