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adobe pdf icon Analogic Launches Three New BK Medical Ultrasound Systems With Innovative Quantum Technology

BOSTON, Feb. 7, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Analogic Corporation (Nasdaq:ALOG), enabling the world’s medical imaging and aviation security technology, today announced the worldwide launch of three BK Medical ultrasound systems, the Pro Focus™ UltraView 800, the Flex Focus™ 800, and the Flex Focus 500, each incorporating the groundbreaking Quantum™ technology. Significant new features and advancements from the Quantum Technology improve the practice of medicine by providing clinicians a faster and easier way to maximize ultrasound performance in urology, surgery, general imaging and anesthesiology.

“The three new ultrasound systems with Quantum Technology are our most significant and innovative product announcements to date, underscoring our pioneering innovation in ultrasound for over thirty years,” said Lars Shaw, vice president of global marketing at Analogic. “The superb imaging performance and dramatic increase in 2D and color Doppler capabilities, coupled with the productivity enhancements built into the new Quantum Technology, are examples of Analogic’s continuing promise to provide leading-edge ultrasound systems.”

Quantum Technology offers image quality enhancements including improved contrast resolution, as well as new gray scale maps and new image pre-sets, making it easier and quicker to obtain the highest quality images. In addition, the new technology includes a unique Vector Flow Imaging (VFI) mode*, enabling angle independent visualization of blood flow, and an advanced color Doppler mode, enabling superb spatial resolution. Key benefits also include advanced harmonic imaging when imaging all patient types, even the extremely difficult-to-image patient.

Analogic’s three new ultrasound systems complement BK Medical’s extensive product portfolio. The UltraView 800 and Flex Focus 800 are premium performance, highly efficient new systems that incorporate Quantum Technology. Compatible with all of BK Medical’s transducers, the fully featured, premium performance systems are ideally suited for surgery, including robotic-assisted surgery, general imaging and high-end urology imaging. The UltraView 800 system also has contrast imaging capabilities**, and both the UltraView 800 and Flex Focus 800 systems have a HistoScanning*** ready option. The Flex Focus 500 is the mid-range system in the BK Medical family incorporating Quantum Technology. This portable system is powerful and well suited for a busy practice utilizing ultrasound for urology and general imaging needs. All of the new systems also have VFI* as an option. The full BK Medical
product portfolio includes the Flex Focus 200, 200 Surgery, 400 Anesthesia, 700, and the Pro Focus UltraView.

Analogic’s worldwide launch began in Copenhagen, Denmark, continued to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and concluded in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Analogic Corporation recently received the coveted 2011 Frost & Sullivan North American Product Differentiation Excellence of the Year Award in the Surgical Ultrasound Market for its BK Medical ultrasound solutions.

About Analogic and the BK Medical brand

Analogic (Nasdaq:ALOG) provides leading-edge healthcare and security technology solutions to advance the practice of medicine and save lives. Analogic’s ultrasound group designs and manufactures ultrasound systems and specialized transducers that are sold directly to medical practitioners under the BK Medical brand. For over 30 years, our market-leading BK Medical branded ultrasound solutions have been used to improve the practice of medicine in procedure-driven markets such as urology, surgery and anesthesia. BK Medical’s products, including our award-winning Flex Focus family of systems and unique transducer designs, offer advanced imaging capabilities that enable real-time image guidance in an easy-to-use, portable platform. Our Analogic ultrasound group has operations in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Denmark, and Shanghai.

For more information on our BK Medical ultrasound products visit www.bkmed.com.

For more information on Analogic, visit www.analogic.com.

 *        VFI is not licensed by Health Canada and is FDA cleared for the Ultraview 800.

 **      Contrast imaging capabilities are FDA cleared for cardiac applications only.

***     HistoScanning is not an FDA market cleared application or licensed by Health Canada.

Analogic is a registered trademark of Analogic Corporation.

The globe logo is a trademark of Analogic Corporation.

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