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adobe pdf icon Analogic Corporation Receives Contract for $6.9 Million in Government Funding for eXaminer XLB Automatic Detection System Field Readiness


Analogic Corporation Receives Contract for $6.9 Million in Government Funding for eXaminer XLB Automatic Detection System Field Readiness

PEABODY, Mass., Jun 02, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Jim Green, President and Chief Executive Officer of Analogic
Corporation (NASDAQ: ALOG), announced today that Analogic has received
a contract from L-3 Communications Security and Detection Systems,
Inc. (“L-3”) for $6.9 million in U.S. Transportation Security
Administration (TSA) funding for operational hardening and final
testing of the eXaminer XLB (eXtra Large Bore) high-speed,
automatic, inline baggage screening system, developed by Analogic
under the XLB1100 project name. Following the completion of this
anticipated final stage of TSA certification, the eXaminer XLB is
expected to be available for shipment by L-3 in August 2009.

This $6.9 million funding is part of an overall $10.5 million
grant from the TSA to L-3 to fully prepare the XLB system for field
readiness. In March of this year, Analogic and L-3 concluded an
agreement awarding L-3 exclusive rights to market and service the
eXaminer SX, developed by Analogic under the name KING COBRA, and the
eXaminer XLB security imaging systems, for air carrier checked baggage
applications, enabling Analogic and L-3 to provide their customers
with the broadest selection of advanced security technology products
available. For over 10 years, L-3 has had exclusive rights from
Analogic to market and service Analogic’s EXACT (EXplosive
Assessment Computed Tomography), which is the primary subsystem for
the eXaminer 3DX that serves medium-speed checked baggage
screening applications.

With the addition of the eXaminer XLB system that addresses the
critical need for high-speed baggage inspection and the eXaminer SX
system that addresses the checked-baggage screening needs of smaller
airports, Analogic and L-3 are now positioned to compete in every
certified CT airport tender worldwide. As airport terminals are being
renovated to accommodate larger aircraft and increased passenger
volume, advanced technology is required to effectively manage the
subsequent increase in checked baggage to be screened for explosives
and other potential threats. The XLB will be the first high-throughput
CT in the marketplace, meeting the urgent needs of airports worldwide
that are opening new terminals. The XLB is able to scan up to 1,100
bags per hour, featuring a dual-energy system, real-time 3-D imaging,
and a reduced false-alarm rate.

Peter Cempellin, Vice President and General Manager of Analogic’s
Security Systems Division, said, “This award reaffirms the TSA’s
commitment to L-3/Analogic and validates our position as a world
leader in checked-baggage threat detection. The XLB security imaging
system will greatly improve capacity and throughput in airports, while
adding advanced threat detection with our proprietary 3-D
Volume/Continuous Flow technology. The XLB will keep passengers and
their belongings moving quickly while intelligently detecting

Analogic Corporation is a leading designer and manufacturer of
advanced health and security systems and subsystems sold primarily to
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). The Company is recognized
worldwide for advancing the state of the art in Automatic Explosives
Detection, Computed Tomography (CT), Digital Radiography (DR),
Ultrasound, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Patient Monitoring, and
Advanced Signal Processing. For more information, visit

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