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Medical Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Development & Manufacturing

Analogic is the partner of choice for many of the world’s best-known diagnostic medical imaging OEMs as well as for technology start-ups. These companies turn to us for innovative engineering solutions for signal processing for various medical imaging modalities, including computed tomography, magnetic resonance, and digital mammography.

We have over 40 years experience in designing, developing, and manufacturing diagnostic imaging equipment and subsystems. These products provide high-resolution, anatomical and biological imaging for assisting in the diagnosis and treatment of critical health issues. Our inventions and innovations help our customers redefine industry standards, create new applications, and expand their markets.

Our imaging expertise spans a wider range of applications compared with other OEM suppliers. Learn more about our expertise in these areas:

Clinical Solutions

Analogic technology is used in many areas of disease diagnostics and can be found in the world’s leading imaging and monitoring systems. Our products offer benefits in several areas of patient treatment, such as:

  • Cardiology – Diagnosis of heart disease
  • Women’s Health – Breast cancer screening and pelvic floor diagnosis
  • Urology – Prostate cancer screening, kidney ultrasound, and Histoscanning
  • Surgery – Interoperative and laparoscopic surgery techniques
  • Radiation Therapy – Hybrid CT technology for radiation treatment of cancerous tumors
  • Anesthesiology –  Needle guidance for regional nerve blocks
  • Point of Care –  Emergency room, musculoskeletal, reproductive medicine, and critical care solutions