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The Faster Checkpoint Security Solution

Airport security requires innovation because we’re traveling more than ever while experiencing more varied threats to our safety. Today’s airport security management is a multi-faceted approach with concerns for passenger safety and the security of connected equipment.


As airports operate through optimized networks, cloud security becomes just as important as checkpoint security itself. For comprehensive threat prevention, a secure airport now includes managing cyber-threats.


Analogic’s comprehensive airport security solutions


Analogic has combined 50 years of CT imaging innovation with advanced threat detection software to create the ConneCT Checkpoint Security System. This system:


  • improves security — provides cybersecurity and more accurate security checkpoints
  • increases passenger throughput — faster, more advanced checked baggage screening that reduces common bottlenecks like removing certain items from carry-on baggage.
  • facilitates airport productivity — manages the airport security system from passenger check-ins to endpoints.


A modular design and interoperable network architecture maximize system uptime and achieve a low total cost of ownership. ConneCT is the flexible, future-proof solution airports need to handle growing passenger volumes while responding to new and emerging security threats.


ConneCT Benefits


ConneCT provides improved security services that consider all threats to airports from physical threats to virtual ones. No matter where passengers originate, airports are ready:


  • CT technology for improved x-ray detection allows passengers to keep electronics and liquids in their bags
  • Streamlined footprint and comparable floor load make it easily installed in the existing checkpoint space
  • Seamless integration with leading “Smart Lane” systems and remote screening solutions
  • Designed to meet the highest EU and TSA standards


The Transportation Security Administration provides ever-changing guidelines designed to keep passengers and airlines safe in a changing climate. As the United States and other countries grapple with technology, conflicts or disruptions, and updating regulations, Analogic’s future proof security checkpoint system will always provide the highest security

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Advanced CT imaging, automated threat detection reduces false alarms


ConneCT is designed to meet the highest threat detection standards


Designed to integrate with leading automated tray return systems and remote screening solutions

With Analogic, Liquids and Electronics Stay in the Bag

Airports Reduce Costs, Increase Revenues


With double the processing capacity of traditional X-ray, checkpoint CT reduces the number of checkpoint lanes


The faster passengers get through the checkpoint, the more time they have to enjoy duty free and other airport services