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My Analogic Story

My Analogic Story

“I first interviewed with Analogic for an MBA internship. What won me over were the people. They are so knowledgeable, frank, helpful and optimistic about the prospects of Analogic; that told me right away that this was the opportunity for me. I am pleased to say that many of those same people have helped my professional development in my current role at Analogic, allowing me to work in a collaborative environment towards positioning the company for long-term growth.”

Girish Gangadharan – Director, Product Management & Business Development

“I started working for Analogic in 1998 as an entry level quality Inspector. I took advantage of the company’s Education Assistance Program and earned a bachelor of science in electrical engineering. Now I’m an electrical engineer responsible for the digital hardware, firmware, and software used in RF amplifiers. Analogic has also given me great opportunities to work with and learn from many different people in many different roles. Knowing that our products are used around the world to save lives makes me proud to work at Analogic.”

Bob Haefner – Principal Electrical Engineer, MRI Subsystems