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Computed Tomography for Airport Security

Computed tomography (CT), the same technology used in the diagnosis of human disease and injury, is an effective tool in the detection of explosives and other threats in airport checked and checkpoint baggage.

When CT was first introduced to the healthcare industry it was deemed revolutionary in its ability to facilitate a comprehensive internal assessment of the human body. The devastation of Pan Am flight 103 in 1988 over Lockerbie, Scotland, committed governments to deploying Explosives Detection Systems (EDSs) that would reduce the risk of a recurrence of this type of incident.

In the United States, scientists at Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) laboratories began analyzing and investigating candidate technologies that could rapidly and reliably detect explosives in baggage with a low false-alarm rate. Because of its 3-D high-resolution imaging capability, computed tomography was the clear choice.


Analogic applied its industry-leading CT technology to develop state-of-the-art security solutions for threat detection. These solutions include the TSA-certified eXaminer® Family* (eXaminer SX, eXaminer 3DX, eXaminer 3DX-ES, and eXaminer XLB) of automatic Explosives Detection Systems for checked-baggage applications and the Cobra systems for checkpoint applications.

3-D Continuous-Flow CT Technology Makes the Difference


The helical/spiral CT scan speed is synchronized with the conveyor belt speed for complete bag coverage and no gaps in the 3-D image data coverage.

The eXaminer and Cobra systems, with 3-D Continuous-Flow CT technology, are the most advanced systems available to detect explosives and threats in checked baggage and in carry-on items at aviation security checkpoints. With a very high level of accuracy and a low false-alarm rate, these systems scan bags by applying helical/spiral CT at speeds precisely synchronized to the speed of the baggage conveyor belt. These systems move bags and passengers through the screening process to the plane at the highest possible rates currently available. One rapid pass through the gantry provides complete 3-D image data for an entire bag and its contents to determine the presence of explosives or other prohibited items.

*eXaminer is a registered trademark of our partner, L-3 Communications Corporation. The eXaminer Family of products is marketed and serviced exclusively by L-3 Communications.

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