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Faster Passenger Facilitation at the Checkpoint with Computed Tomography

The best measure of checkpoint efficiency is passenger throughput. That’s why we developed the COBRA® airport security system. A CT-based checkpoint screening system for carry-on baggage, the COBRA is proven to surpass current passenger throughput levels by an average of 20%. The system enables faster passenger facilitation by streamlining every step of the checkpoint screening process.

No need to remove laptops

No need for 3-1-1 bag removal


COBRA CT systems accelerate the screening process from the start by eliminating the need to remove laptops from carry-on bags.


With COBRA CT scanning, there’s no need for separate packaging and removal of liquids. Not having to separate 3-1-1 items and laptops can reduce bin use by up to 40% and greatly increase throughput.

Fewer rescans

Fewer secondary searches


Capturing a complete volumetric image data set for each carry-on bag or bin in one pass virtually eliminates the need for time-consuming rescans – an increasingly important advantage as checkpoints gets busier.


Higher detection levels, lower false-alarm rates, and 3-D image rotation capability reduce the need for secondary searches. Threat items are identified more clearly and precisely, regardless of obscuring items.