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Computed Tomography for Checked Baggage Explosives Detection

Analogic’s eXaminer® Family of Explosives Detection Systems (EDSs) uses 3-D Continuous-Flow CT technology to automatically examine checked baggage for explosives and other potential threats. Computed tomography enables the continuous scanning, high throughput, and low false-alarm rates that give the eXaminer systems the highest automatic clear rates currently available in the industry.

One rapid pass through the CT gantry provides complete 3-D image data of an entire bag and its contents and automatic detection of explosives. If a bag requires secondary review, the eXaminer’s high-resolution 3-D volumetric images make it possible for the operator to quickly and confidently approve or reject the bag for flight.


Other baggage screening systems use 2-D X-ray technology to examine bags for potential threats. If a suspect area is identified, the bag must be removed from the conveyor to give the targeted area of the bag a single, multi-slice CT scan for closer inspection. Only the isolated area is presented in 3-D for further examination. These added steps slow down, reverse, or even stop the flow of baggage. With eXaminer systems, the flow of bags is continuous and 98% of all bags are cleared directly to the aircraft. This saves time, resources, and keeps passengers moving.