Urology Solutions

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Through our BK Medical product line, we are the world leader in diagnostic ultrasound imaging equipment for urology. Our broad spectrum of specialty transducers, designed specifically for imaging in urology, includes kidney, penile, testicular, and prostate probes. All probes have biopsy guides and many have 3-D and Doppler capability.


Prostate Biopsy

8818 Triplane Transducer

We offer advanced solutions for taking prostate biopsies. Using our triplane transducer, urologists can easily switch between sagittal, coronal, and transverse scanning views, and choose between simultaneous biplane and endfire imaging. With the dual biopsy guide, biopsies can be performed with a single insertion and minimal manipulation of the transducer. In biplane imaging, urologists can see the exact location and depth of the needle. Simultaneous biplane is the most precise way of ensuring that a biopsy is taken at the right location.

Kidney Ultrasound

Ultrasonography of the kidney for renal diagnostics is inexpensive, safe, and fast. Renal ultrasound provides information about the size, shape, and outer-shell thickness of the kidney to screen for kidney stones, cysts, and masses.

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