Cardiology Solutions

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Computed Tomography

Analogic produces a wide selection of assemblies and subassemblies for computed tomography equipment, all designed to meet the high-speed, high-resolution requirements of cardiac imaging.

Data Acquisition

LIFEGARD Monitor screen

We are the world’s leading OEM supplier of CT data acquisition systems (DASs) with multi-slice volumetric capability. Our multi-slice DASs, coupled with our leading-edge wide area detector arrays, can image the heart in a single beat. This minimizes motion blur to improve image quality and increase the benefits of contrast agents.

PowerLink™ Non-Contact Power

Our revolutionary PowerLink™ Non-Contact Power system transfers power from the stationary gantry to the rotating disc without brush contacts. PowerLink enables higher rotational speeds of the CT gantry, up to 300 RPM, virtually eliminating blur when imaging the beating heart.  

Ultrasound Solutions

Our ultrasound systems support the needs of cardiac imaging. These systems feature high frame rates and are equipped with phased array transducers, making them highly sensitive to movement for a very dynamic cardiac image. Continuous-wave Doppler allows the cardiologist to see key hemodynamics and high-velocity blood flow. Favorable signal-to-noise ratio of tissue harmonic imaging provides outstanding visualization of cardiac structures.