Airport Security Systems

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Threat Detection from Every Angle

Analogic is an innovative developer and manufacturer of advanced explosive detection equipment for screening checked baggage and checkpoint carry-ons for the air travel industry.

Plane taking off

Applying computed tomography (CT), the same lifesaving technology used to help doctors diagnose disease in humans, we have developed the eXaminer®* Family of Explosives Detection Systems (EDSs) for screening checked baggage.

We use the same CT technology in our COBRA checkpoint systems for examining carry-on bags. The most innovative checkpoint scanning equipment in the industry, our baggage inspection systems are the only ones able to generate 3-D, volumetric images of the entire contents of a bag or bin that can be rotated and analyzed in 360 degrees.

Our technology makes the difference


The eXaminer and COBRA systems use 3-D
Continuous-Flow CT technology
to provide the most comprehensive explosives and threat detection currently available. One pass through our EDS system provides complete 3-D image data for an entire bag and its contents to determine the presence of explosives or other prohibited items.

The eXaminer Family of TSA-certified checked-baggage systems includes:

The COBRA checkpoint systems includes:

With more than 35 years of imaging experience and expertise, Analogic is well positioned to meet the growing security needs of airports worldwide.

*eXaminer is a registered trademark of L-3 Communications Corporation. The eXaminer Family of products is marketed and serviced exclusively by L-3 Communications and complies with 21 CFR Subchapter J Regulations.

eXaminer Product Family Brochure


COBRA Brochure