COBRA Checkpoint CT Security Systems

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Keeps Passengers Moving through Airport Security Checkpoints with the Highest Level of Threat Protection Currently Available

Airline passengers continue to be vulnerable to threats in carry-on bags as terrorists develop new weapons and explosive devices that are increasingly difficult to identify.

The 2-D X-ray explosive detection systems currently in use are limited in the kinds of threats they can detect and how consistently they can detect them. A more sophisticated, 3-D imaging solution is available today with Analogic’s COBRA® checkpoint CT systems.

Airport Security System, OnGuard™ Checkpoint CT systems - Analogic

Using our proprietary 3-D Continuous-Flow CT technology, the COBRA advanced detection systems are proven to identify hidden threats with high precision and reliability, while lowering false-alarm rates and increasing passenger throughput.

  • COBRA – for aviation security checkpoints and other high-threat facilities
  • COBRA DualUse – for both checkpoint and checked-baggage applications at small and medium-sized airports

After scanning more than 3 million bags and other carry-on items, TSA field test data indicates that Cobra systems:

  • Enable throughput of up to 300 passengers per hour
  • Reduce divestiture time by 25%
  • Eliminate 80% of rescans
  • Reduce the number of bags requiring a secondary search
  • Deliver operational availability in excess of 99%


Analogic’s Security Systems comply with 21 CFR Subchapter J Regulations.

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