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When Bernie Gordon founded Analogic in 1967, his inventions had already made their mark in history. That tradition of inventiveness has continued ever since. Today, Analogic has a long list of innovations and achievements resulting from more than 40 years of developing leading-edge technologies. We are innovators in computed tomography signal processing and a recognized leader in diagnostic medical imaging and security imaging. With over 190 U.S. patents issued, with corresponding foreign patents, and many more pending, our history speaks for itself.

2014 Received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the handheld Sonic Window™ ultrasound system
2013 Analogic produced its 30,000th CT system for Toshiba Medical Systems
2013 Acquired Ultrasonix, a leading designer and manufacturer of ultrasound for point-of-care applications
2012 New Smiths Detection high-speed checked baggage scanner incorporating Analogic CT technology receives European Standard 3 approval
2012 Analogic introduced three new BK Medical ultrasound systems with groundbreaking Quantum Technology
2012 COBRA checkpoint CT system achieves European standard allowing liquids and laptops to remain in carry-on baggage
2012 New high-speed checked baggage scanner incorporating Analogic's CT technology unveiled by Smiths Detection
2011 High-speed XLB Explosives Detection System passes ECAC Standard 3 evaluation
2011 Analogic’s BK Medical branded ultrasound systems received Frost & Sullivan Award in surgical ultrasound market
2011 Analogic introduced the BK Medical branded revolutionary Advanced Robotic Ultrasound Technology (ART) for use in robotic-assisted surgery
2009 Received certification from the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for the eXaminer® SX and eXaminer XLB Explosives Detection Systems (EDSs)
2008 Acquired Copley Controls, manufacturer of gradient amplifiers for MRI, and precision motion controls
2007 Installed the first OnGuard Cobra™, the first checkpoint auto-EDS, at a checkpoint in Cleveland’s Hopkins International Airport
2006 Developed PowerLink™, the first non-contact power transfer system for CT gantries
2004 Developed and shipped the first true 64-slice CT data acquisition system (DAS) for a major medical OEM
2002 Acquired Sound Technology (STI), manufacturer of advanced ultrasound probes and transducers
2002 Established marketing relationship with L-3 Communications and received an open-ended order for up to 1,000 EXACT Systems for airport security
1999 Established ANRAD Corporation, a subsidiary whose primary focus is on advanced digital X-ray detection technology
1998 Developed the first 1.5T and 3.0T water-cooled RF power amplifier
1998 Developed and began shipping the world’s first high-power solid-state RF amplifier for MRI
1997 Shipped the world’s first integrated power system (IPS) for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems, combining radio frequency (RF) and gradient coil (GC) amplifiers
1997 Completed development of the world’s first dual-energy, helical, multi-slice, cone-beam-projection CT scanning system for airport security
1993 Acquired BK Medical, manufacturer of leading procedure-driven ultrasound systems and specialized transducers
1993 Developed the world’s first lightweight, mobile, CT scanning system for a major medical OEM
1991 Introduced the FETALGARD® 2000 Fetal Heart Monitor
1986 Bernie Gordon received the National Medal of Technology from President Reagan, the second ever awarded
1979 Invented the logarithmic analog-to-digital converter
1975 Developed the first instant imaging computed tomography system scanner
1967 Bernie Gordon founded Analogic Corporation
1964 Bernie Gordon, while at Gordon Engineering, Invented the first solid-state X-ray generator


Bernie Gordon named the father of high-speed analog-to-digital conversion. Bernie developed ”the first known shift programmed successive approximation A/D converter”